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This is where I have some tracks of me playing with different bands. They are in Mp3 format and the band tracks are complete versions. Hope you enjoy.

The "This" trio, live @ Matt & Phred's, 6th April, 2004


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Wade in our Water

These are the tunes we decided upon. I'll be mixing a few more at a later stage. We got 6 sets of tune recorded and there is some really great stuff still to be revisited.

Guitar - Stuart McCallum

Double Bass - Pete Turner

Drums - Dave Walsh

also... another full gig FREE!!

The Stuart McCallum "Bassless" Trio, Featuring Iain Dixon - Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet & Dave Walsh - Drum Kit.

Part 1 43:23

Part 2 12:08

Part 3 24:13

Part 4 16:48

This Recording was @ The Puzzle Hall Inn, Sowby Bridge. The whole gig was improvised.


If you have any comments about the music, send me an email. The best address to get me at is

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