This Page contains details of some CD's that I'm on. There is a new list appearing here soon with some more up to date CDs on it.

All the links are live and should take you to a place where you can hear some kind of demo.

"Fortune Heights" This is a CD recorded by the Bass Playing virtuoso Steve Berry @ The Derby Dance centre in 2002. It features Steve Berry on Bass and Les Chisnall on Piano. It's wonderful. Check out this review. "CHISNALL BERRY WALSH: Fortune Heights (Room For Music, The unsung but talented bassist-composer Steve Berry, pianist Les Chisnall (he's a find!) and drummer Dave Walsh make magic with this spell-binding concert from November 2003. An exceptional UK album. Those still needing 'new heroes' need look no further." Chrissie Murray Ronnie Scott's Magazine

"In An Ideal World" Live at Manchester Jazz Festival 2004 Steve Berry (Bass) With Mike Walker (gtr) Andy Schofield (Saxes) Les Chisnall (Pno) Dave Walsh (Dms)

"Toolshed EP" The first. There was a 7" vinyl a couple of years ago but this is the first CD/Vinyl release. It's being released through the Twisted Nerve label. Click here to read a couple of reviews.

"Toolshed Album" At last! It's been a long time coming but it's finally out and available to buy on a double vinyl album. Clickk on the link to the Toolshed site for all the info. This is once again going to be a Twisted Nerve release.

"Make Time Last" is the first solo album by one of the finest all round bass players in the UK, Ollie Collins Click on the CD piccy to get yourself a copy and read some of the great comments posted by people from all over the world in his guest book.

All In Your Hands Single CD2. LAMB. I played drums on the 2nd track "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes"

"Who Turned the lights out?" This is the first album I Played on with Rod Mason (nutter!) Click on that link to purchase.

"RETURN of the ROOMDARKENER" This is the second album I played on with Rod Mason (Still totally insane!)

"Underlying Current" The new album with the new band of the sax maniac Rod Mason. This CD features the new working bandincluding Richard Wetherall On Piano and Keys, Richard Hammond on Basses & Me on drums. Great originals from all. Avasilable from Jazz Cd's.Co.Uk website Coming soon the NEW Elements album!

"Messages from the Hub" is the First Album by Keyboard Player/Producer/Remixer Jamie Odell's band Jimpster. Check out the link for some great reviews. Also check out The Bays website to find out what Jamie is up to with Andy Gangadeen's monster improvisation inspirational live dance music band. They need to be seen to be believed.

"Interconnect" was the third E.P from Jamie Odell's Jimpster and the second recodring that I appeared on from Jamie's Freerange Records mothership.

"Perennial Pleasures" is the second Jimpster E.P. and my first appearence with the band on record.

"Enchanted 01" One track from the Jimpster album that I co-wrote with Jamie called "You are . . . " was used on the first "Big Chill" compilation album. Follow the link for reviews. There are some great tracks on this record.

Uriel. The Compulsive remixes EP. Beau Monde - UK. Track B2. 'Flight to Sao Paulo' Jimpster. Drum credit. Just a few samples. Very downbeat Drum'n'bass.

"Now is the Time" Rosie Brown 2000. This is the first album I played on with the great UK jazz singer Rosie Brown. I also co-produced and edited this album.

"Ms Brown To You" is the new album from Rosie. It features the new Quintet. Check out Rosies website for more info and reviews of all her recording and gigs.

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