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My Gear!


Vic Firth Peter Erskine original model. I've been using these for years now. Great cymbal sound and still hold out under extreme use. They are like a 7A but slightly longer and with that "ball" design wooden tip. I go though a pair roughly every 4-6 months. And I usually have about 3-5 pairs on the go at any time, so I'm not "playing" a pair in cold. This also seems to make them last longer


The green Regal Tip ones. Model Number 583R "Classic" They are perfect.

The Premier Gen-X

I have 10, 12, 14 toms for this. I also have 18 x 16 and 20 x 18 bass drums.

From above using the DrumWorkshop website Kit Builder


I only own two snares nowadays. A Craviotto Custom Shop snare. One of three ever made! I also own a Ludwig Black Beauty 14 x 6.5 with orignal 1980's heavy diecast hoops. Amazing both in the studio or live. I tend to use this when I play with Tom McRae.


Most of the hardware I use is the single braced Yamaha stuff, cos it's so light, strong, and have great boom arms.

Bass Drum Pedals

I have two of the Yamaha FP 9410 direct drive model. Still going strong, 10 years on!

Heads/Drum Skins

On the DW TOMS I use Evans EC2 coated/uncoated or Evans G2's.

For the Snare I've stared using an Evans G1. (Still with an 'X' of gaffa tape on the underside!)

On the Pearl Toms I use Evans G2's or J1 Etched on the top.

On the Bass Drums for both kits I'm currently trying out the Evans EQ4.

Other heads I've been trying out recently are the new Evans J1 Etched series. I really liked the snare batter partucually. I put it back on for certain jazz things. Great for brushes as well.


I use Istanbul Agop cymbals.