Youtube Videos This is the new section of videos that are here for you to download. They are free as ever. Sharing the knowledge is all I'm interested in. I hope you enjoy.

Update June 2017

So, a lot has happened in the past few years. In 2014 I became a D'Addario artist and fully support and use the EVANS products. I've also got a much more organised YouTube channel. Have a look via this link. There are a few old videos here that I still think have value. I'm about to update this and add a few new ones which I think have some useful things to say about drumming, technique, musicality etc..

If you are interested in anything here, drop me a line to

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YouTube Section

"Beyond The Basics"

The drum lesson download section features:

The Old One Handed Triplet Lesson

The One Handed 16th Note Lesson

The Hand To Hand Flam Lesson

Solo 1

Solo 2

Solo 3

A short Clip about using the Drumometer tm

Also available at

"Drumometer" is a trademark
owned by Alan-McAfee Inc. and is used by permission from Alan-McAfee Inc for
this project.

Trio 1 Some live footage of a couple of Jams from the DVD session.

Trio 2 Same as above.

If you have any comments about this page or any ideas about the things I've talked about in the Videos, then please send me an email to

I love swapping ideas. This was the whole point of making these videos and creating this page.

I wish you well in your drumming life. Share the knowledge and keep the art alive.

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