Youtube Videos This is the new section of videos that are here for you to download. They are free as ever. Sharing the knowledge is all I'm interested in. I hope you enjoy.

Update August 2015

So a lot has happened in the past few years, som good things, some not so good. Sadly my relationship with Istanbul Cymbals has come to an end. I'm happy to say I'm a D'Addario artist and fully support and use the EVANS products. I've also got a much more organised YouTube channel now. Have a look via this link. There are a few old videos here that I still think have value. I'm about to update this and add a few new ones which I think have some useful things to say about drumming, technique, musicality etc..

So if you are interested in anything here, drop me a line to

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YouTube Section

"Beyond The Basics"

The drum lesson download section features:

The Old One Handed Triplet Lesson

The One Handed 16th Note Lesson

The Hand To Hand Flam Lesson

Solo 1

Solo 2

Solo 3


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A short Clip about using the Drumometer tm

Also available at

"Drumometer" is a trademark
owned by Alan-McAfee Inc. and is used by permission from Alan-McAfee Inc for
this project.

Trio 1 Some live footage of a couple of Jams from the DVD session.

Trio 2 Same as above.

If you have any comments about this page or any ideas about the things I've talked about in the Videos, then please send me an email to

I love swapping ideas. This was the whole point of making these videos and creating this page.

I wish you well in your drumming life. Share the knowledge and keep the art alive.

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